Ciro Santilli


Non standard sources

  1. Mozilla’s MDN: an open wiki with highly recommended content. Huge amount of content, examples, depth and implementation status. Their HTML5 front page beautifully summarizes the main themes on HTML5:
  2. Web Platform Docs WPD: wiki with tutorials
  3. CSS Tricks: amazing CSS source. Create and maintained by Chris Coyier, now has articles by many. Very high quality techniques. Closed source apparently.
  4. HTML5 rocks: new web technologies in general, not just HTML: CSS, JavaScript, server side, etc. Google sponsored. Open source.
  5. w3schools fine for beginners, but not open source, and thus cannot update fast enough, so may contain errors and has been criticized by many devs. Tutorials are a bit shallow. Insane Google rank, which makes may devs mad.
  6. HTML5 Doctor: similar to HTML5 rocks, but 6 guys from famous web related companies. Lots of examples.

Implementation status trackers

  1. All modernizr tests, cross referenced to Can I use.
  2. Can I use.
  3. kangax compatibility table.

Style guides

  1. HTML and CSS:


  1. HTML5 demos: many small examples, which is basically my approach in this repository


  1., by a Google employee