Xiao Bin (Tiananmen witness, 肖斌, 六四证人)

A man named Xiao Bin (肖斌) told ABC News that he saw tunks crushing people, and got a 10 year sentence. Lu Xun’s petition quote comes to mind.

Highlighted at The Gate of Heavenly Peace (1995, 天安门纪录片) at around 2:53:52.


First the reporter asks in the background, untrunscripted, with her English accent (a lot like Ciro’s):

What’s your reaction to the situation

The Chinese transcript starts at:

Is this what the People’s Government does? Using tanks to crush people?

but the Chinese it is missing the crucial start of the sentence! From this part alone it seems like he is starting to say the the Government did not use tanks to crush people. From hearing the words before are:


So a more literal translation would be:

How can this Government claim to represent the people? A government doesn’t use tanks like this, doesn’t use armored vehicles like this, to advance towards so many students and crush them under the vehicle’s tracks?

presumably referring to events such as Liubukou massacre (六部口惨案).

At https://www.npr.org/2009/05/31/104731094/tiananmen-shouts-that-turned-to-silence "I sent a man to labor camp 20 years ago this week." (2009) reporter Alisa Barba who interviewed Xiao Bin reflects on the effect onhis lef

And finally, what happened to Xiao Bin? Five years after he was sent to labor camp, a small item appeared in the Chinese news - Xiao had been paroled. He was sent home to Dalian and tracked down there by ABC staffers still working in China. Xiao was in poor health, they discovered, and he wanted help to go to America. That was the last we heard.


Xiao bin crush students
Figure 221. Still of the above with captions.