28.2. V2EX (semi-censored forum)

Although this website appears to have some degree of freedom of speech, as of 2020, if you post something that is "unwelcome" an unclear definition or unwelcome, your IP gets immediately blocked and trying to even access the site redirects to a "403 Forbidden nginx" page.

It is therefore impossible to have any political talk on that website, and they should not be trusted.

This happened when Ciro tried to reply to https://v2ex.com/t/378274 around 2020-07-23 with:

参看我的china repository fb6c69cfec0d4e9008730c0c1a9c42c2d851e678#stack-overflow-anti-dissident-users

and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything super sensitive in that comment.

They then tell you to contact them if you want to be restored:


but Ciro did that and there was no reply.

Later on Ciro noticed that his account was giving 400:

and it had not been deleted, as he was unable to recreate an account with that username. Therefore it must be blocked.

Ciro created cirosantilli3 in November 2023, let’s see how long it lasts. You need to wait 90 days months before being able to view sensitive posts. OMG, that website is pointless!

The forum is largely programmer dominated.

It had an ICP license 非经营性网站备案 (2000) in 2016, but lost it in 2019 to move servers back to USA, which is extremely shady. Blocked in China as of 2020-06 according to GreatFire (自由微博).

When Ciro later checked the above threads on 2020-12-20, he noticed that all of them had been made restricted to logged in members only, while previously only one of them had been.

V2EX’s creator is 刘昕 (Liu Xin, alias "Livid"):