5.4.2. Stack Overflow and GitHub could be blocked at no cost by the Chinese government (中国政府可以免费封锁 Stack Overflow 和 GitHub)

Hitting the block button has, of course, no cost.

The cost of blocking Stack Overflow lies of course in the loss of information, and slower technological development, see also: Why attack websites with censored keywords? (用审查词攻击网站有什么用呢?)

The 2019 996.ICU (2019) event however brought to my attention that Chinese (usually WebKit-based) browsers are already censoring HTTPS websites selectively of course, see e.g.: https://github.com/996browser/996.BROWSER/tree/77f28a36a862e3cc4d238dc47c19872156096bc4

But Ciro doubt developers use those browsers, right? The only way would be for China to forbid foreign browsers entirely.

BTW, TLS 1.3 ENSI brings a whole new dimension to HTTPS by encrypting the domain name as well!