Li Hongzhi’s family (李洪志的家庭)

Jesus appeared to value chastity. He was born from a virgin. No sex around him at all.

Buddha gave it up after his enlightenment.

But Li doesn’t need that. He’s a God, right, he can both be an Enlightened God part time and still have a normal family part time.

Once thing Ciro approves about Li’s approach to his family is that he seems to have stated (TODO source) that none of them are Gods like him.

It is however very likely that some of his close family members will take up an even greater importance in the inner circle of power once Li dies: What will happen to Falun Gong when Li Honzhi dies? (李洪志死后,法轮功会怎样?), notably his daughter.

Wife’s name: Li Rui (李瑞 according to CCP). Report saying that a follower bought a house and registered it on Li Rui’s name as a gift, but Li later returned the gift back: https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB94140245836194819 TODO house address.

There are also claims that Li’s birth name was Li Lai (李來).


Li Hongzhi with wife and daughter
Figure 135. Li Hongzhi with his wife Li Rui and daughter Li Meige presumably in the late 80’s with fishing ships in a shipyard in the background. TODO location. Likely from CCP sources, in many places with kaiwnd watermarks. Anti-FLG source.
Li Meige Shenyun
Figure 136. Photo of Christina Li from Shen Yun, which the CCP claims to be Li Meige, daughter of Li Hongzhi. That page also claims that she was awarded Bronze in the 2009 and 2010 NDT Chinese Dance Competition. Source.