19.2.4. Falun Gong media (法轮功媒体)

For example, Li refers to Falun Gong media as "our media" in Canonical Falun Gong texts (法轮功的经典著作), and has given many many talks in gatherings specific to those media. E.g. in the Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting (2009):

You have your path, while human beings have their affairs. You have things that you need to do. Don’t give any concern or attention to political things or what happens between parties. Of course, our media don’t really have a choice about reporting on it, since those are probably things that ordinary people are interested in.

It could be argued that those media are not "directly" controlled by Li Hongzhi, and Ciro does believe that they were created independently of him initially.

But without doubt they are controlled by his top followers, and if Li Hongzhi ever gave directions, which Ciro has no proof he has ever done, then those media would follow.

And since Li has given such direct endorsement to it, contributing has become a de-facto religious obligation, and one which constitutes a great part of Making cult members work long hours for free (Orange papers, 让信徒免费长时间工作, 橙色文件).

Ciro believes without evidence that Li Hongzhi gives specific directives to the top tenants of those organizations from time to time when important issues arise. Ciro believes that one of such issues is the support of Donald Trump: Falun Gong supports Donald (Trump, 法轮功支持特朗普).

Furthermore, Li appears to directly cite some of the main media in Canon or talk at their conferences as Canon.

One thing must be said in their favour however: they are incorruptible in their fight against the CCP.


List of smaller ones that didn’t deserve a section: