8.9. Falun Gong is illegal in China, we must follow the law (法轮功在中国是非法的,我们必须遵守法律)

If a law is unfair, we must fight to change it.

It was perfectly legal for Nazis to kill Jews. Does it make that right?

But in the end, the commies don’t even bother passing or following laws, they just fuck people anyways without one: Rule of law (法治).

The problem in dictatorships is that the people have no power at all to change the law because there is no Democracy (民主).

The excuse that "we have to do this to follow Chinese law in order to operate in China", is exactly what all Western companies that comply with Chinese censorship requests (遵守中国审查要求的西方公司) do. If Chinese law mandated killing Jews, they would likely comply.

The trick though is to delegate the dirty work to Chinese branches and employees, as a way to distance themselves from the activity. This is also generally a regulatory requirement of the Chinese government however.