China Digital Times (CDT, 中国数字时代, USA government media)

They have some amazing anti-CCP content, notably:

A scraped mirror of CDT was created on GitHub pages by Tang Wenzheng from Fuck-XueXiQiangGuo (Fuck学习强国) is present at:

First commit Jun 30, 2019. The first article is from 2010, so maybe it did scrape everything. It appears to be automatically updated daily. The images seem to be re-uploaded to https://statically.io/, e.g. https://china-digital-times.github.io/?/id/664606 contains https://cdn.statically.io/gh/china-digital-times/files/master/2021/04/image-1617989397104.png which just fetches from GitHub automatically: https://github.com/china-digital-times/files/blob/master/2021/04/image-1617989397104.png while the original article https://chinadigitaltimes.net/chinese/664606.html stores images locally: https://chinadigitaltimes.net/chinese/files/2021/04/image-1617989397104.png. This approach is more censorship resistant, since all images are under a single domain, so takedown would require a full statically domain takedown, which would break other things. Although CDN blocks are not unheard of, e.g. as mentioned at: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/267715/is-stack-overflow-accessible-in-china.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx28EUiKEUc "From 'fart people' to citizens on China’s internet | Xiao Qiang | TEDxLiberdade" by TEDx Talks (2014). Presentation by Xiao Qiang (萧强), founder of China Digital Times (CDT, 中国数字时代, USA government media). He was a Physicist from USTC who went mad after Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 (六四事件). Ciro Santilli’s wife (三西猴的老婆) also studied there and said that’s the most anti-CCP of all big Chinese universities.