5.6. Ciro Santilli and this page are completely biased against the Chinese Government! (三西猴和本页完全对中国政府有偏见!)

If we had more Western democracies are not perfect (西方的民主有很多缺点) content, then maybe this repository would be considered a more reputable source by Chinese people.

However, there are a few practical problems to that:

For those reasons, we currently forbid, posting several evil-West news without explaining why dictatorships handle it better. It would just generates more noise than signal.

If you do explain however why dictatorships/China handle it better, then the post is welcome.

Any political material that is censored by any country besides China, will also be readily accepted.

Any evidence of positive political progress towards freedom will also be added to this repo, e.g. people openly discussing politics online, human rights activists doing political stuff and not being put into jail, etc.

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