18.1.4. Xu Xiaodong (Mad Dog, 徐晓冬, martial artist)

MMA fighter who beat up some kung-fu masters to prove that MMA is more effective than their traditional styles.

As of 2019, he had 14 Weibo (新浪微博) accounts blocked (created one, got blocked, created another, got blocked, etc.). Source: https://www.inkstonenews.com/society/chinas-mma-fighter-xu-xiaodong-fight-survival/article/3047417

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Uphold science
Figure 224. Uphold science, eradicate superstition "崇尚科学 破除迷信" 1999 poster by the CCP created as an anti-Falun Gong propaganda likely based on a more widely widespread slogan (archive). So why is Xiaodong not being supported by the CCP now that he is beating superstition back into its place? Once again, Censorship makes countries poorer (审查使国家更穷). The poster features images related to the Chinese space program (中华人民共和国航天), which is a major undertaking of the CCP and widely used propaganda point. Source.
Space program Change
Figure 225. 1962 propaganda poster for the Chinese Space program. "Uphold science, eradicate superstition"? Nah, the moon is obviously populated by Chang’e ( (嫦娥), the Chinese Goddess of the moon, which is one of the names for the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program (中国探月工程,嫦娥工程). Other good Chinese space program posters. Also note the emphasis on making babies, the One-child policy (一孩政策, 1979–2015) comes to mind. Source.
Reject superstition accept change
Figure 226. Reject superstition, accept Chang’e (破除迷信, 崇尚嫦娥) side-by-side.
Xu Xiaodong taichi
Figure 227. 2017 Xu Xiaodong (MMA) Vs. Wei Lei (Tai Chi) summary GIF. Source.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBNX6GsUI1o 2017 Xu Xiaodong (MMA) Vs. Wei Lei (Tai Chi) full fight.