This is Ciro Santilli’s personal problem, we have nothing to do with it, stop punishing us for it (这是三西猴的个人问题,我们与此无关,不要因此而惩罚我们)

We have to fight for justice for our fellows, or else when injustice happens to us, no one will fight for use either: Most Chinese people don’t care about the minorities (大多数中国人不关心少数民族).

Every form of protest incurs some damage. E.g., if we manifest on the street, it generates a traffic jam.

If you just work to make money and have a good life, without any plans to improve the government, you are just making the economy of the dictatorship stronger, then when they start a war or kill yet another minority, blood will also be on your hands. See also: What should Western countries do about China? (西方国家应该怎么对待中国?).