26.3. Social Credit System (社会信用体系)

A fundamental problem with this system is highlighted e.g. in the book Human Compatible by Stuart J. Russell (2019): kindness will lose all meaning, and you will never be sure if people like you, or if they are just doing things for the social credit:

There are several problems with [a social credit system]. First, it ignores the psychic cost of living under a system of intrusive monitoring and coercion; outward harmony masking inner misery is hardly an ideal state. Every act of kindness ceases to be an act of kindness and becomes instead an act of personal score maximization and is per ceived as such by the recipient. Or worse, the very concept of a voluntary act of kindness gradually becomes just a fading memory something people used to do. Visiting an ailing friend in hospital will, under such a system, have no more moral significance and emotional of value than stopping at a red light.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dkw15LkZ_Kw China’s "Social Credit System" Has Caused More Than Just Public Shaming (HBO) by VICE News (2018). 328s shows how you can donate money to the party to increase your score. This is not a hidden practice, they were filmed and everyone is showing their faces. What a brilliant idea that could never ever lead to corruption! Ciro’s jaw just dropped. How can the commies not hide this kind of shit from the West, but hide other stuff the West couldn’t care less about?