Raz Gal-Or (高佑思, Ychina, Y-Platform, 歪果仁研究协会)

Israeli, studied at Peking University. Ychina (歪果仁研究协会) is his pro-CCP propaganda organization, based in Beijing.

His father Amir Gal-Or (高哲铭), also Israeli, is a venture capitalist based in China. So that’s the collateral for his son’s media access. Amir is an ex-Israeli Air Force. What a disgrace. Mossad is going to pay those people a visit one day. Supposing they are not already working for Mossad. Here’s the happy family: https://twitter.com/AmirGalOr/status/911491366995103744, father and son entitled "being interviewed by my son in China Central Television (CCTV, 中国中央电视台, 央视, CCP media) headquarters .. a new era .." Here’s his TED talk on how to educate your children to support Hitler v2 do holocaust v2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk4ztwRvUxs "How to educate the next generation of global communications? | Amir Galor | TEDxYouth@Hangzhou" (2019). The Nazi Jew scene from The Life of Brian comes to mind very strongly.


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