Putin riding things (Путин верхом на вещах)

TODO: Photoshoppers, PLEASE

We just need to use some gay porn meme.

Some other ones:

Putin horse
Figure 288. Putin riding a horse shirtless near Lake Seliger in August 2009. Source. There are others, e.g. here: https://www.vox.com/2015/6/17/8796659/vladimir-putin-shirtless-video we see putin feeding the horse in ultra high resolution. Getting cozy. We need one of Putin fucking a horse.
Putin bear
Figure 289. Putin riding a bear. Source.
Putin shark
Figure 290. Putin riding a shark. Source.
Putin eagle
Figure 291. Putin riding a giant eagle. Source.
Putin meteor
Figure 292. Putin riding a meteor. Source.
Putin dinosaur
Figure 293. Putin riding a dinosaur in a Sci-Fi planet. Source.