The Great Firewall is necessary to protect China from harmful USA propaganda and data collection (防火墙对于保护中国免受美国有害的宣传和数据收集是必要的)

  • without censorship, you would be much richer and stronger, and more able to defend yourselves

  • why does China also censor its own people in addition to foreign propaganda?

  • maybe this fear is greatly emphasized by the Chinese government beyond truth just to help them keep control of the country by fear and maintain their own power. Can the Americans really have that much influence in your country? The CCP exaggerates the threat of the West to keep in power (中共夸大了西方要继续掌权的威胁)

  • maybe the regions that want to split from China feel like China is not giving them anything back, and they are themselves looking for allies outside of China to help them split. With democracy, people are more likely to get what they want, and there will be split parties and votes.

  • the same argument can be used to justify any action, no matter how bad. E.g.: we must put all who criticize the government in jail, or else they will make China less united and weaker against the USA!

Deng Xiaoping (邓小平, 1982-1987) notably had this ideology, even though he explicitly recognizes that there are also benefits to not having online censorship:


which translates as:

If you open the window, both fresh air and flies will enter.