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Disclaimer: closed source vendors tend to be highly secretive, solving small issues without any reply, so I use my best judgement given the lack of feedback.
Date Project Type Description
2019-07 Security bug Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability. Also mentioned at:
2015-09 GitHub Support Add ability to fork and edit files from external URL
2015-05 GitHub Bug 500 when listing GCC mirror branches
2015-04 Free Software Foundation Bug Duplicated paragraph at Octave at description of high priority projects
2015-03 GitHub Bug @about and @pricing generate at mentions even though they are reserved
2015-03 Jenkov tutorials Typo typo boolean -> long
2015-03 GitHub Bug 502 on homepage on long streak
2015-02 GitHub Bug If a that is a symlink is present, the link to it should not show on new issue forms
2015-02 GitHub Feature Allow to reopen pull requests after a force push
2015-02 GitHub Bug If a that is a symlink is present, the link to it should not show on new issue forms
2014-12 My Science Work Typo Typos on settings page
2014-12 GitHub Bug Merge pull request window appears after rebase even if I don't have permission
2014-12 GitHub Feature Repository Traffic Analytics API
2014-12 GitHub Support Pin issues or add header text to issues page
2014-12 GitHub Bug Tree show links blobs to the last commit that contained the blob instead of commit that introduced the file
2014-12 GitHub Duplicate Deal properly with uppercase .GIT file basenames on web editor like for lowercase .git
2014-12 GitHub Duplicate Add a "I have this issue too" button
2014-11 GitBook Bug 500 on /edit without access
2014-11 GitHub Feature View non-rendered markdown source with line numbers on blob show
2014-11 GitHub Bug 500 on branch index for long branch name pushed together with other branch
2014-11 GitHub Bug GFM ordered list with inner unordered paragraph list generates two ordered lists
2014-11 GitHub Bug Glitches for filenames that contain only spaces
2014-11 GitHub Bug 500 on raw and 414 on blob show of long file name with 1024 characters
2014-11 GitHub Feature Highlight bytes / words in diffs on adjacent multi-line modifications
2014-11 GitHub Duplicate Allow following of groups similar to following users